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Sports injuries can be frustrating, particularly when they result in chronic pain due to repeated stress on your bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Health First Orthopedic Specialists are experts in joint care. By identifying the source of the injury, our physicians are able to treat you as efficiently and effectively as possible, minimizing your downtime. Whether the diagnosis calls for reconstructive surgery, realignments, physical therapy, or repair and rehabilitation, Health First is entirely dedicated to your well-being and restoration for your injury.

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Research is a great place to start but it is no substitute for a personal consultation with a Health First Orthopedic Specialist. Whether your appointment results in a diagnosis or serves as a valued second opinion, Health First puts you one step closer to a life free of joint pain.

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Health First hospitals provide Brevard County's leading Orthopedic care. Our Orthopedic Specialists are certified and trained in the most advanced procedures to provide joint solutions, including conservative rehabilitation, total and partial replacements, resurfacing and complex traumatic injury repair. From your initial consultation to your rehabilitation, your care is entrusted to the most qualified physicians, nurses, and treatment teams so you can be free to discover an improved you.

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