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Spike in Central Fla Temps Prompts Cautionary Measures

Tips for staying safe in the heat

MELBOURNE, FL - With the heat index expected to top 100 degrees this week, Health First, operator of Cape Canaveral Hospital, Holmes Regional Medical Center, Palm Bay Hospital, and Viera Hospital, is issuing safety recommendations to the public.

In order to help reduce the risk of heat-related injuries, Health First recommends that the public follow these simple safety precautions:

If you are outdoors, please make sure you stay hydrated. Avoid drinks that have alcohol or caffeine. Wear loose-fitting clothing that is light in color. The lighter colors will help keep you cooler because they do not absorb the heat as much as darker colors. Try to schedule outdoor activities during times when the heat is not at its highest. If needed, adjust your routine to exercise in the early morning or evening. Never leave children or pets alone in your car, even if the car is running! The a/c may be on when you're there, but anything can happen if you step away.

Health First urges Central Florida residents to be aware of the symptoms of heat-related problems, and call 9-1-1 immediately if help is needed. These symptoms include:

Muscle cramping due to loss of fluids, Headache, Nausea, Dizziness, Weakness, Loss of consciousness, Vomiting, Exhaustion.

If you display any of these symptoms after being in the hot weather, seek professional medical attention immediately.