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Locating the required web browser software

Health First secure servers deliver data that is encrypted at the highest level possible.  This high level of data encryption places special demands on the web browser you use to access that information.  The following is a list of web browsers that will work with the Health First secure servers and the icons link to sites where you may download new web server software if needed.  Since 128bit security is a fairly new technology it is quite likely that your current web browser does not support this level of encryption.  Health First suggests that you download and install the latest version of one of the following browsers.

Netscape Communicator 4.0 or higher with 128bit strong encryption

Internet Explorer 5 or higher with 128bit strong encryption

128bit encryption is such a high level of encryption that the US government has placed strict export laws on these software products.  You will be prompted by both Microsoft and Netscape to register before you will be allowed to initiate a download.

Plugins and supporting software
Symantec's pcAnywhere Express plugin

The Symantec browser plugin is required only for specific individuals who have
been granted the ability by the Information Technology department to access their work PC via their home PC's web browser. Make sure when downloading this plugin from the Symantec web site that you choose the correct OS platform column (Windows NT, 98, 95) next to the "EXPRESS Java, ActiveX, and Browser Plugins - English" software.

Citrix ICA plugin for Internet Explorer and plugin for Netscape browsers

The Citrix ICA plugin is required to access the Logician databases.. Citrix provides
separate plugins for Internet Explorer and Netscape, please download and install the correct
plugin for your browser.

Health First assumes no liability for the operation of these browsers on your system. If you are unfamiliar with your system requirements or the processes for installation of browser software, we suggest that you contact a local computer support professional for assistance.